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Regarding an interlocal agreement with Orange County Health Facilities authority and grants host community approval as amended, for Orange County Health Facilities Authority revenue bonds (Presbyterian Retirement Communities Project), Series 2013 for…

Approves the issuance by the Industrial Development Authority of its health care facilities revenue bonds

Approves the issuance by the Capital Trust Agency of its revenue bonds for financing a senior living facility

Amends Ord. 1976-20, as amended; changes the required surety penal bond from $1,000 to $3,000

Amends and supplements Res No. 89-84 for the purpose of issuance the water and sewer revenue and refunding bonds Series 2013A, Series 2013B for improvements to the system

Bonds for Capital Projects

Amends and supplements Res. 95-117 in connection with the St. Johns County Convention Center project, refinanced the Series 1996 bonds

Provides for the refunding of certain outstanding debt relating to the County's Convention Center project, a taxable capital improvement, authorizes the execution and delivery of a loan agreement with Whitney Bank dba Hancock Bank

Amends and supplements Res. 2005-204 issuance of capital improvement revenue bonds Series 2014, refunds a portion of the outstanding capital revenue and refunding bonds, appoints a registrar and paying agent, a book entry system of registration for…

Amends and supplements Res. 1989-84 for water and sewer revenue refunding bonds Series 2014, water and sewer refunding bonds series 2006, authorizes a final official statement with respect to series 2014 bonds, appoints the registrar and paying agent…