County Code of Ordinances


County Code of Ordinances

Items in the County Code of Ordinances Collection

Ord. 2011-37
Regulates the operation of adult arcade amusement centers and electronic game promotions

Ord. 1993-36
Amends Ord. 1993-21; deletes and substitutes Section VI; establishment of the Local Housing Assistance Program

Ord. 1993-21
Establishes the County's Local Housing Assistance Program

Ord. 2008-29
Affordable Housing Advisory Committee established

Ord. 2005-101
Established the Affordable Housing Economic Incentive Program

Ord. 2007-70
Amends Ord. 2005-101; exempts Ravenswood Forest from the effect of Section 11

Ord. 2007-34
For the borrowing of funds and the making of loans for affordable housing projects within the County

Ord. 1991-9
Amending Ord. 1978-51, regarding fire, robbery, burglary, medical and other emergency alarm systems

Ord. 2010-15
Establishes the St. Johns County Alarm Ordinance

Amends Ordinances 19731, 19734, 19735, 19743 and 19776 (Comprehensive Zoning Codes) prohibiting the sale or consumption of alcoholic beverages as an accessory use.
Zoning Resolution (distance between establishments), Minutes Book "O" pages 158160