Foreclosure Sales

Effective June16, 2017:

In re: SB 2506 and the payment of Electronic Sale Fee:

On June 16, 2017, Governor Scott signed into law SB 2506 which affects the manner in which each Clerk’s office collects and disburses fees. Our office is now in the process of implementing all necessary changes to meet the requirements of this bill, including updating the St. Johns County Realauction website. Plaintiffs will be invoiced and expected to make payment through the website of the $70.00 electronic sale fee. This service charge was previously collected from the successful bidder after auction, but now will be paid by plaintiff prior to the auction being conducted.

Effective October 18, 2016:

The Saint Johns County Clerk’s Office will begin conducting electronic foreclosure sales online pursuant to Florida Statute §45.031(10) and Administrative Order CV-2016-012-SC for the Seventh Judicial Circuit of Florida.

To register and participate, please visit the website at

For frequently asked questions about the foreclosure sale process, please click this link.


To view Foreclosure Sales for St. Johns County that are currently being advertised, go to, click Classified Ads, scroll down to Legal Notice, and click read the full notice. The entire Notice of Sale will be displayed for you to review.

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